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Authenticating English Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture Barringotn, IL

“How do you know how old that piece of antique furniture is?”

That is a question I hear often with regard to antique furniture. The antiques that we stock were made in England between 1690 and 1910. it is important to know how old a piece is because that affects its value. Here is list of what I look for in assessing a piece for age and quality.

Caledonian Inc Antique Furniture Barrington, IL  Here are a couple accessories from our showroom.

Antique furniture, like architecture and fashion, has progressed through a series of styles as fashioned by the best designers of their day.

In this article published in the Quintessential Barrington I discuss the characteristics that I look for when determining the age of a particular piece of furniture. These characteristics include the wood used to make the piece, the manner in which it was constructed, the hardware on the piece or tale tell signs that the hardware has been changed, and finally the finish or better yet, the “old” finish that has faded somewhat and looks as though it has been well-cared-for. 

Photo Credit: Susan McConnell